On my way back to the bus station from Haeinsa Temple I figured that I had another hour to kill before the bus left.

The temple itself is based a couple of kilometres away from the town. Perched on a hilltop, the town is pretty small and consists of around 30 buildings, some of which are local shops and the rest are hotels. People come here for a couple of days to see the temple and explore the surrounding national park.

In the off-season this place is a ghost town, where the locals do absolutely nothing but stare out of the window onto the empty road. I followed the broken, empty road and tucked away behind tall bushes I found an open gate, behind which was an abandoned hotel.

The main door was closed but the service door at the back was missing, so I went in.

Hotel on the hill.
Hotel on the hill.
View on to the parking lot.
Mugs left on the dining room serving station.
Guest area.
Information desk and one of the rooms.
Guest area lamp fitting.
Dining room.