China is a the third largest country in the world, roughly the same size as the USA and with the world’s largest population. It’s a country with an ancient history and Chinese civilisation has endured through millenniums of revolutions, golden ages and anarchies. Due to its size the country is very diverse and rich in its number of minorities. The depth and variety of Chinese civilisation, with its abundant heritage, has long fascinated western travellers such as Marco Polo and continues to excite travellers today. The country has a lot to offer, some of which I’m sharing with you here.
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Why most Asians wear face masks?

The ironic thing in China, where people smoke in metro, push in crowds, spit and pee on the street, burp and fart in restaurants, is that from time to time you come across people with cloth...

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How I got my free pass to the rooftops of Hong Kong

There’s a residential block in Kowloon City in Hong Kong called Chungking Mansions. It’s known for having the cheapest lodgings in the city. The ground floor is full of immigrant workers...

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