As an unconventional travel resource Train to Kitezh aims to explore cultural differences and social diversity. Rather than just visiting tourist sites and sunny beaches, Train to Kitezh travels to some bizarre corners of the world to uncover their occasionally social and politically-charged stories.
Train to Kitezh is also a photography project, a month or more is spent in each country and photographs selected for a photo journal. Train to Kitezh doesn’t offer travel guides, itinerary advice or ideas for creating “unforgettable experiences”.
For unique travel destinations, cultural observations, inspirational photography and interesting stories, welcome to Train to Kitezh. Train to Kitezh is completely independent and unaffiliated.
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My name is Anton Burmistrov. I’m a graphic designer born in a country that no longer exists. I have worked at various London agencies and eventually my own home-based studio. However, as soon as my career began to gain momentum, I decided to sell my things and leave London to travel the world.
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I started travelling at the end of September 2015 and will be adding more places, stories and photographs as I go. Follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to stay in the loop.
I'm currently in Nepal
Below are places visited so far; 27/195 countries visited (249 cities, towns, suburbs and villages), which means there is still plenty to see.
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"The best camera is the one in your hand."
Pere McBride, National Geographic
Fujifilm Finepix x100
As soon as I leave the house I take my camera with me, I don’t go out without it. This is my best travel buddy, it helps me to record everything; expected and spontaneous, fast and slow, landscape and portrait, day and night (at, at, at night). Fujifilm cameras tend to be compact and have very good lenses and colour, this allows me quicker post-processing and to spend less time working with colour. Thanks Colin, I’m forever grateful.
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